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A unique sole technology ensures an exceptionally pleasant appearance. From the first step.

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Feeling good starts with simple things: soft materials whose haptics promise coziness and comfort. But that is not all. With a great deal of passion, many years of experience and craftsmanship, a collection has been created that guarantees maximum comfort. Because the secret, the DNA of wolkenwerk, lies in the outsole.

Spring Summer 2021

Spring Summer 2021

All seasonal articles for reordering while stocks last.

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Never out of stock

Bestseller, always further developed and available all year round.

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Autumn Winter 2020

“hygge” is the theme of the new collection for the winter season.

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OLIVENLEDER is good for people and the environment. Made with a vegetable tanning agent, completely free of harmful substances. Proven for years. In every color. Completely biodegradable. Quite very good.

OLIVENLEDER derives its unrivaled beauty from the fact that it is in no way inferior to traditional leather, even though it is made with a natural tanning agent,

  • which is a by-product of the Mediterranean olive harvest anyway,
  • whose production reduces CO2 emissions because the leaves are no longer burned,
  • which is completely harmless to health,
  • which even carries the Dermatest seal “very good”,
  • which one could taste without any damage,
  • which can be produced in almost any quantity,
  • whose production does not harm anyone,
  • which does not use up agricultural land or food!

So it is not the special quality of the finished leather that is in the foreground, but rather this feeling of responsible interaction with nature!